Development cooperation

The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities (FPD) is part of a global movement of the disabled. The purpose of FPD is to ensure the realisation of human rights and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities, both in Finland and worldwide. 

FPD carries out development cooperation work in Zambia and Ethiopia. Our work forms part of the Finnish Disability & Development Partnership, which is funded mainly with development cooperation funds of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. This partnership joins the forces of eight Finnish disabled people's organisations to implement projects in developing countries, as well as the Abilis Foundation. 

FPD currently has two projects underway with its Zambian sister organisation, ZNAPD (Zambia National Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities). The CoRe project aims at improving the organisational sustainability of ZNAPD, while enhancing ZNAPD members' livelihood, food security and participation. The project also seeks to reduce the dependence of ZNAPD members from their family members. 

The second project with ZNAPD is an agricultural project at a farm by the Ngwena River. which raises pigs and grows vegetables, corn and bananas. The purpose of the project is to create a source of income for the ZNAPD organisation, thereby increasing its economic independence.  Through the cultivation project, ZNAPD and its members also accumulate their agricultural skills. 

FPD also cooperates with the Ethiopian organisation VAMCPAA (Voluntary Association of Mobility Challenged People in Addis Ababa) by granting a microloan to a project that organises vocational education and employs disabled persons in Addis Abeba.  

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