The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities engages in advocacy and service provision for people with physical disabilities or functional impairments.

We are the voice of the people with physical disabilities in Finland. The focus of our advocacy work is to make Finland more equal and accessible for all. We support our member associations, inform the public about disabilities, and provide assistance to disabled people at different stages of their lives.  
The Association has 143 member associations, which have a total of 23 000 individual members. 

Become a Member 

The best way to get involved is to join one of our member associations. Join us in working towards equality and accessible design in Finland! 

If you do not have a printer available, contact us and ask for a membership application form to be sent by mail.

When we receive a membership application, we will send it on to the correct member association. The member association’s board decides whether to admit new members. 

Services Provided 

Organised Activities

  • self-management courses
  • guidance on services for the disabled and legal advice
  • training, courses, summer camps, events and peer support

Accessibility Handbook

Accessibility Handbook – Guide to Accessible Built Environments – contains general information on disability and accessibility, standards for accessible design and guidance on how to carry out and report accessibility audit. The accessibility auditing presented in the book is based on an audit method developed by accessibility experts in Finland. In the handbook, an effort has been made to shed light especially on DDI's experiences in promoting and auditing accessibility in Ethiopia.

Rehabilitation (Validia Oy)

  • physical rehabilitation for individuals and groups
  • rehabilitation courses
  • outpatient physical rehabilitation 
  • provisional care
  • holiday programmes

Housing services (Validia Oy)

  • assisted living for disabled people
  • assisted living for the aged
  • fixed-term living services
  • evaluating and coaching
  • daytime activities

Vocational Training (Spesia)

  • individual planning and support for studies
  • vocational training in various fields
  • preliminary training

Contact details 

Mannerheimintie 107 (entry via Nauvontie 8)
Switchboard 09 613 191


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