With this checklist election committees at the polling stations can evaluate accessibility of the polling station.

1. Arriving at the polling station 

  • Is the polling station easy to reach and is there a public transport stop close to the polling station? 
  • Is there a pick-up and drop-off area near the entrance for accessible taxis, for example? 
  • Are there accessible parking spaces (width 3,600 mm and length 5,000 mm) near the polling station? 
  • Is the path to the entrance signposted? 
  • Is the access route to the entrance easy to perceive, even, hard and non-slip? 
  • Are the slopes of the route no more than 5 % (1:20)? 

2. The entrance 

  • Are accessible routes clearly signposted at the polling station? 
  • Is there a ramp with a maximum slope of 8 % and a width of at least 900 mm next to the entrance step?  
  • Are there handrails on both sides of the stairs and ramps? 
  • Is there a landing of at least 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm in front of the entrance door? 
  • Is there at least 400 mm of clear space on the opening side of the door to allow wheelchair users to open the door? 
  • Is the width of the front door at least 850 mm and the height of the threshold no more than 20 mm? 
  • Does the door open automatically or is it easy to operate (the force required to open the door must not exceed 10 N or 1 kg)? 
  • Is the maximum size of any gaps in the doormat or grating 10 mm x 30 mm, and is the difference in the level between the mat or grating and the floor no more than 20 mm? 
  • Is the depth and width of the draught lobby at least 1,500 mm if both doors open away from the draught lobby?  
  • Is the draught lobby at least 1,500 mm wide and 2,300 mm deep if one of the doors opens towards the inside of the draught lobby? 

3. The polling station 

  • Is there at least one booth at the polling station in which it is possible to fill in a ballot paper while sitting at a table? Is there a clear space under the table (height 750–800 mm) with minimum dimensions of 800 mm width, 600 mm depth and 670 mm height? Or are there height-adjustable tables at the polling station? 
  • Is there glare-free and adequate lighting (500–750 lux at the writing surface level) in the booths? 
  • Are there seats at the polling station for voters to sit down to rest if necessary? 
  • Does the advance polling station and the actual polling station have a person appointed as an assistant? 
  • If any of the officials use aids, there must be an accessible toilet at the polling station.
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